New R&D project to develop graphene-based sensors with Swedish SAAB

[Stockholm, Sweden, 1 October 2018] Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA will support another R&D project focused on the development and testing of graphene-based sensors. The joint project between SAAB, defence and security company and Danubia NanoTech with support from KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm and Linköping University Sweden will focus on the development of sensing structural […]

Swedish SAAB to begin R&D cooperation with Danubia NanoTech

[Bratislava, Slovakia, 21 May 2018] Danubia NanoTech will now become the official Saab partner in the field of carbon-based nanomaterials research and development. Since 2016 Saab has been discussing the potential of joint R&D with Danubia NanoTech on graphene materials for different applications in the aerospace and defence sectors. Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and […]