Flexible graphene temperature sensor for battery cells at NanoTech Expo 2019 in Tokyo

[Tokyo, Japan, 30 January 2019] We presented our sensor technologies to potential customers and partners in Tokyo at prime Asian nanotechnology event – NanoTech Expo 2019. We were part of the joint booth of German (Bavarian) Cluster Nanotechnologie with exciting technologies from Fraunhofer or Schoeller.

The most interest was drawn by our flexible graphene temperature sensor which was showcased in the application to measure the temperature and overheating of the battery cells. The graphene temperature sensor, with its superior features such as light weight, flexibility and potential for large area sensing, proved to be also very precise (benchmarked with platinum PT100 in a validation testing).

Indeed, managing of an even distribution of temperature is key to operating of EV batteries close to their performance limits. Maximum battery life can be achieved if temperature of individual cells does not differ significantly. The detailed monitoring of the battery temperature directly on the individual battery cells by our graphene sensor can thus bring great benefits and prevent potential negative effects of overheating which implicitly improves the state of health i.e. lifetime of batteries as well as prevents their technical failures.