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Image of Flexible graphene temperature sensor
Flexible graphene temperature sensor

Flexible Graphene Temperature Sensor

Our graphene-based temperature sensor is the ideal thermometer for large area sensing with fast response and low power consumption. Its graphene ultrathin layer works as a resistance temperature detector (RTD). The sensor is thin and lightweight and it features excellent chemical stability.

It provides temperature data on the basis of averaging or mapping and is great for various types of end-user applications in health care, transport & logistics, energy management, process monitoring, rechargeable batteries etc.

Find out more in Datasheet Temperature Sensor (PDF, 1 MB)

High-quality Graphene Oxide with very good crystallinity

We have optimised a low–temperature method for chemical synthesis of our graphene oxide. The material is available either as a water suspension or as a dry product. In either case, it is made of high percentage of single-layer graphene oxide flakes. Due to a mild chemical way of preparation, individual flakes contain only very few defects.

Graphene oxide may be chemically reduced to produce electrically conducting material. We can perform the reduction in both, liquid or dry phase.

Find out more in Datasheet Graphene Oxide (PDF, 540 kB)

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